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Help! I’ve been wearing lots of dark shades and my toenails are discoloured, what can I do?

While you wait for the staining to grow out, use Jessica’s Nail Whitener as a concealer for your nails.

To prevent staining in future, always use a base coat to act as a barrier between the polish and your bare nail. Remove your polish after no more than three weeks as nails are porous and will begin to absorb the pigment.
Emma Cox, Educator.

How can I make my nail polish last longer?

Start with the perfect canvas – scrub your nails with a nail brush and soap free cleanser in a bowl of warm water. This removes any traces of nail polish remover or oil that might lift your polish. Then dry your nails thoroughly and apply a coat of base coat, two coats of colour and a top coat. With every coat it’s very important to paint across the free edge (tip) as this is the part of your nail that takes the most impact (just think about typing!)
Emma Cox, Educator.

How often should I clean my makeup brushes? Do I need special brush cleanser?

To keep brushes clean and hygienic we recommend washing them once a week (although professionals need to wash them every day!). Use either a specific brush cleanser or baby shampoo, wash gently with warm water and rinse thoroughly. It’s important to leave your brushes flat to dry completely so the water doesn’t drip down into the ferrule (the base of the hairs), as this can cause them to shed.
Nicola Wakeling, Mii Cosmetics Expert.

My skin is exceptionally sensitive, what makeup would you recommend I use?

Try mineral makeup - Mii’s mineral range is 100% natural and suitable for even the most sensitive skin conditions like acne and rosacea. Discover the mineral range here.
Nicola Wakeling, Mii Cosmetics Expert.

I’ve heard that wearing polish constantly is bad for nails as it stops them from breathing. Should I give them a break?

This is a very common misconception, but nails, like hair, are dead tissue and so do not need to breathe. Keeping your nails painted is in fact good for them as polish adds extra strength and protection to prevent breaks, splitting and peeling.
Emma Cox, Educator.

My nails grow slowly and break when they start to get long. What can I do to improve their health and help them to grow?

Nail growth begins at the cuticle, so with proper cuticle care, you’ll encourage healthy nails. Massage Nourish into your cuticles throughout the day and Phenomen Oil each night. The treatments will keep your cuticles soft and help healthy nail growth while the massage action will stimulate growth.

You’ll also need to use a prescriptive base coat. Although it’s hard to prescribe without seeing your nails, I’d recommend Critical Care. In just six weeks this base coat strengthens and boosts growth.
Emma Cox, Educator.

My nail polishes go thick after a while, is there anything I can do to stop that happening?

Proper bottle care is vital to keep your polishes from thickening. After each use, wipe around the bottle necks with some nail polish remover on a piece of cotton wool and make sure the lids are closed tightly.

Heat also affects the consistency, so store polishes somewhere cool like in the fridge or a drawer. To correct polishes that have already thickened, try adding a couple of drops of Reward base coat to the bottle, then mix thoroughly.
Emma Cox, Educator.

It’s embarrassing to admit, but I still bite my nails and really want to kick the habit. Any advice would be welcome.

Well done on taking the first step! I have two recommendations for you. The first is to apply Nibble No More to your nails every day, throughout the day as you need it. With Bitter Cactus Extract, it leaves a revolting flavour to instantly remind you that nails aren’t for biting.

Secondly, I strongly advise you to visit your local salon and try GELeration. This gel manicure not only protects your natural nails and allows them to grow, but adds a stronger layer that discourages biters.
Emma Cox, Educator.

I often get hangnails. They are so sore and ugly, how can I prevent them?

Caused by a lack of hydration, hangnails are very easy to prevent. Simply establish a routine of massaging Jessica’s Nourish in throughout the day, and Phenomen Oil at night. And resist the temptation to cut your cuticles; they’ll only grow back thicker, making hangnails more likely.

If you do get a hangnail, massage in lots of Nourish to soften and promote healing. Then cut only the loose part of the hangnail with sharp scissors to prevent tearing. 
Emma Cox, Educator.

How can I make my lipstick stay put for longer?

The answer is simple – lipliner! Using a complementary shade for your lipstick will intensify the colour as well as helping it to last longer.
Nicola Wakeling, Mii Cosmetics Expert.

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