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eyes & brows

Ever wondered how makeup artists craft that perfect smoky eye? How they use shading to make eyes appear bigger and brighter? And blend eye shadows to a seamless finish?

The answer is in their brush belt.

Professional makeup brushes are the key to unlocking flawless eye makeup looks. And the high quality collection from Mii Cosmetics has been created to work perfectly with Mii eye shadows.

Mii’s Apply & Define Eye Brush is the best place to start. One end of this two-in-one eye shadow brush applies makeup to the lid, while the other creates definition at the lash line. Ideal for applying both pressed and mineral eye shadow, you won’t know how you lived without it!

Perfectly sized to blend eye colour into the crease, you’ll be amazed at the impact Mii’s Opening Eye Brush creates. Use Mii’s makeup brush to blend a dark eye shadow colour into the socket crease, contouring and creating definition for an opening effect.

And for a professionally blended finish to your eye makeup, the Sweeping Eye Brush from Mii Cosmetics makes light work of a flawless result. The perfect companion in creating smoky eyes, eye shadow is blended to perfection in seconds.

To try the collection of Mii professional eye makeup brushes and for advice on making the most of them, visit your local Mii Makeup Artist. You can find them through our online Spa/Salon Finder.