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foundation & concealer

The search is over and you’ve found your perfect face base; as most women know, that’s no mean feat.

But did you know that with the right makeup brush, you can get even more from your foundation? Mii Cosmetics makes it easy to do just that, with a foundation brush made especially for your face base.

Unlike a conventional liquid foundation brush, Mii Miracle Base Brush has a perfectly flat top to buff your liquid foundation to an airbrushed finish. Created specifically for Illuminating Face Base, you’re seconds away from a professional result and a dewy sheen.

If matte is more your thing, Mii Liquid Perfection Base Brush perfectly delivers the velvety finish of Flawless Face Base. The tapered tip helps in covering every crevice and this versatile brush can also be used to apply Mii’s tinted moisturiser or liquid primer.

Mineral lovers have a choice of mineral kabuki brushes for smooth, even coverage. Mii’s Pure Perfection Mineral Kabuki helps mineral foundation glide on, transforming it to a creamy finish. Or, for a fuller mineral coverage, the Mii Pure Precision Mineral Kabuki is the one to try.

And when it comes to covering up those pesky blemishes, Mii Precision Concealing Brush is the perfect partner for Complete Cream Concealer. The fine tip helps to blend product into even the smallest of spaces to hide all evidence.

If you’d like advice on the right face base for you, or to experience the difference a foundation brush can make, why not book a makeup consultation with your local Mii Makeup Artist.