Gerrard International

powder & bronzer

It’s the finishing touches that can make all the difference to your makeup.

A sweep of bronzer brings your look to life, while a dusting of pressed powder helps foundation to last even longer.

And with Mii’s professional makeup brushes for bronzer and powder, the perfect finish is easy to achieve. Ultra-soft bristles make every brush stoke a pleasure, and as each brush has been created especially for Mii makeup, bronzer and powder is delivered just where you want it, not dropped where you don’t!

The Mii Powder Perfection Finishing Brush is the ideal makeup brush for sweeping on Mii bronzers. Brush across cheeks, brow, chin and down the nose for a naturally sunkissed look.   

And for those who like a little drama in their lives, Mii’s Dramatic Powder Finishing Brush makes light work of powder application for a perfectly even finish in just seconds.

To view the full range of Mii professional makeup brushes and to find out how they can help you to make the most of your makeup, why not book a Mii makeup consultation? You can find your nearest Mii Makeup Artist using our online Spa/Salon Finder.