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Sculpted cheekbones and cherubic radiance are just a few brushstrokes away with blusher, bronzer and illuminator from Mii Cosmetics.

Discover how bronzing powders can help to define those cheekbones for a chiselled, catwalk worthy look. With a choice of Mineral Beautiful Bronzing Powder, Bronzing Face Finish, or Glamorous Trio Bronzing Face Finish, you’re sure to find a bronzer from Mii Cosmetics that works perfectly for you.

For a healthy pop of colour, the richly pigmented formula in Mii Uplifting Cheek Colour glides onto cheeks and blends easily to a smooth finish. Or for natural warmth, try Mii Mineral Radiant Natural Blush. The long lasting, 100% mineral colour has a subtle shimmer for added radiance.

And for a divinely dewy sheen, add a touch of Mii Mineral Divine Illuminator to cheeks. The 100% mineral illuminating powder contains crushed rubies for an extra special finish.

As with all makeup application, when contouring and defining cheeks, the right tools will make all the difference. Mii professional makeup brushes are tailored to the products to deliver outstanding results.

For a personal lesson in enhancing and highlighting your cheekbones, visit your local Mii Makeup Artist. Simply enter your postcode into our online Spa/Salon Finder for the professional closest to you.