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They frame your face and take makeup looks to the next level, beautifully groomed eyebrows are a girl’s best friend.

And with Mii’s Perfect Brow Pencil you can create a flawless arch in an instant.

Available in Reveal, for blonde to light brown hair, and Focus, for darker hair, Mii Cosmetics’ soft, blendable eyebrow pencils come complete with a brow comb for a perfectly smooth finish.

Beautifully enhanced brows are just moments away…

First, use the comb to brush the hairs into place.

Then add definition with your sharpened Mii Perfect Brow Pencil, using small, hair like strokes to follow the arch and fill in any gaps.

We recommend you go lighter, rather than heavier, with your application. You can always add a few more strokes for deeper definition.

Just a little eyebrow attention will give your makeup a truly professional finish. That’s what we call time well spent.

If you’d like a little more advice on how to wow with those brows, why not visit your local Mii Makeup Artist? You’ll find them through our Spa/Salon Finder.