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eye shadow

Curious, sultry, meaningful and even ones that kill. Give every look the intensity it deserves with eye shadow from Mii Cosmetics.

Whether you’re adding just a touch of colour to brighten your lids, or layering dark shades for vamp like effect, Mii eye shadows are soft, smooth and pigment rich – ideal in creating the look of your dreams.

Mii’s range of eye shadows lets you choose what works for you. 100% natural Mineral Exquisite Eye Colour contains crushed gemstones and rich natural pigments, while One and Only Eye Colour and Perfect Pairs offer an extensive palette of pressed shades, from nude to dark and everything in between.

Mii Wide Eye Wonders eye shadow quads roll four into one with harmonising eye colours in a stunning compact. Complete with a mirror and high quality brush, these palettes make an ideal addition to any makeup collection – and take the guesswork out of the perfect gift!

With eye shadow from Mii Cosmetics, endless looks are just a few brush strokes away. Let your creativity take over to find the look that’s perfectly you.

If you’d like to try the colours in person, contact your local Mii Makeup Artist. You can find them using our Spa/Salon Finder.