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corrector & concealer

Long days, late nights and ever pesky breakouts can stand in the way of a coveted, fresh-faced glow.

But never fear, Mii Cosmetics is here to help you through those not so perfect skin days with Correctors and Concealers for a totally flawless look.

Mii Pure Wonder Concealer makes light work of even the darkest circles. Just a few dabs with the built in brush will leave eyes looking brighter and you looking more awake. You can also use this highlighting product around your nose, corners of your mouth and brow bone.

Complete Cream Concealer is a master of disguise – banishing the appearance of blemishes and leaving no trace of its work.  Mii’s Precision Concealing Brush is the perfect partner to blend this product into even the smallest of areas.

And the Mii Miraculous Colour Corrector beautifully balances out redness. Lightweight yet effective, the pale green pigment is an ideal antidote to redness, especially that caused by Rosacea. Follow with foundation for a totally flawless coverage. Now you see it, now you don’t.

So let your natural beauty shine through by hiding that which hinders with Mii’s range or correctors and concealers. If you need more advice on the products that are right for you, why not visit your local Mii Makeup Artist? You can find them using our online Spa/Salon Finder.