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manicure kits

Hand and nail care has never been easier than with at home manicure kits from Gerrard International.

Choose from one of Jessica’s Nail Treatment Kits to help restore and maintain your nails’ natural beauty. Jessica At Home is the ideal all-in-one manicure kit for all nail types. While Manicuring Solutions Kits contain a selection of products, specifically chosen to restore problem nails. There’s a kit for peeling nails and one for damaged nails too, helping to bring them back to health in just six weeks.

French Twist is Jessica’s answer to a simple at home French Manicure. The French Twist Manicure Kit includes all the products you need to create this timeless look, as well as a base and top coat for long lasting results.

And a manicure isn’t just about nails, it’s about taking care of your hands and cuticles too. A Jessica or LeRemedi hand treatment kit will nourish and condition skin, for a soft, smooth touch.

When it comes to grooming, most men like as little fuss as possible, so Jessica’s men’s kit is perfect to keep hands hydrated and nails conditioned. The Gentlemen’s Club is a no fuss collection of four hand care products that look perfectly at home on any man’s bathroom shelf.

For at home pampering, in-between appointment touch ups, or a gift that sure to please, Gerrard International’s range of manicure kits from Jessica and LeRemedi offer something to keep every hand happy.