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Ever wondered why some manicures last days, while others chip in hours?

A long lasting, at home manicure is well within your reach, simply use good quality products and don’t forget the preparation.

Think of your nails as a canvas you are painting - you need a well prepared base to help your colour last. A clean, smooth nail will be a perfect host to your new season nail colour.

The first step in your hand & nail preparation is to remove existing nail polish with Jessica Nail Polish Remover. The gentle yet effective formula wipes away all traces of last week’s manicure without smearing - it even has a fresh scent to boot.

Cuticle care is an absolute must as nail growth begins at the cuticle, so by keeping them soft and supple you’re encouraging healthy nails. Plus, keeping cuticles pushed back means a longer nail bed to show off your nail colour. To keep cuticles soft and healthy, massage Jessica Phenomen Oil into your cuticles each night and before your manicure, then gently push them back with a cotton bud.

One last step before you pick up that polish brush – cleanse your nails of traces of oil or nail polish remover. With a bowl of warm water and one of Jessica or LeRemedi’s soap-free cleansers, scrub your nails clean and then dry thoroughly.

Now you’re ready to apply your base coat – a step that should be part of every manicure. Not only will Jessica’s prescriptive base coats treat your nails according to type, but they create a perfectly smooth surface for your colour to glide onto.

So there you have it, a few simple nail preparation steps that can make all the difference to your manicure.