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base coats

If your nails ‘always break’, ‘don’t grow’ or peel at the ends, don’t resign them to a lifetime of hiding in mittens and pockets; Jessica has the solution.

Like skin and hair, there are different types of nail. And for each type, there is a specially formulated Jessica base coat to bring them back to full health. In just six weeks you can have beautiful, natural nails to be proud of; and if you take care of them, they’ll last a lifetime.

Peeling is one of the most common nail complaints, and Fusion, a base coat specifically for peeling nails, contains rubberised resins to fuse the delicate nail layers back together.

Jessica Restoration base coat contains healing Echinacea to help damaged, post acrylic nails regain their strength. While Bend Don’t Break does just what it says on the tin, restoring brittle nails with the right balance of strength and flexibility to help them grow.

For Blushing brides to be, Jessica Critical Care is a wedding day winner. As well as strengthening, it boosts growth for longer, stronger ring ready nails in just six weeks. 

And for all the nail biters out there hoping to stop their habit for good, Jessica’s Nibble No More contains bitter cactus extract for a lasting reminder not to put those nails near your mouth!

If you can’t decide which product is right for you, make an appointment with your local Jessica spa, beauty salon or mobile therapist. They can analyse your nails and prescribe the treatment that’s just right for you.