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hand & nail preparation

The key to a long lasting manicure? Perfect preparation of your nails.

Start by removing any traces of polish or base coat with Jessica Nail Polish Remover. Effective enough to remove even the brightest of reds, this nail polish remover is gentle on nails and has a light, fresh citrus fragrance.

Next, cleanse your nails. Any nail polish remover, oil or dirt left on the nail can cause nail polish to lift. So for a longer lasting manicure, scrub nails with a nail brush in a bowl of warm water and hand cleanser. Jessica’s Hand and Body Bath or Body Treats Bath are soap-free and leave skin soft, smooth and perfectly clean. They also make excellent replacements for hand soap in the kitchen and bathroom.

The final pre-painting step is to dry nails thoroughly with a lint free cloth. Your canvas in now ready to showcase your choice of Jessica’s award winning nail colours. Make sure you start your paint with a base coat and finish with a top coat like Jessica Brilliance for healthy nails and long lasting colour.

For more advice on how to care for your nails, why not book an appointment with a Jessica spa/salon or mobile therapist? You can find your nearest using our Spa/Salon Finder.