Gerrard International

hand & cuticle care

Healthy hands and cuticles give nails the best start in life.

A multi-action cuticle cream, Jessica Nourish not only hydrates but contains Zinc to naturally shrink cuticles, and Allantoin to promote healing.  Nourish’s easily absorbed formula even helps to prevent painful hangnails.

Jessica Phenomen Oil is a must have for healthy nails. Rich and nourishing, apply one drop per nail each night before bed and massage into your cuticles. Jessica Phenomen Oil can also be used on any dry areas like elbows, knees and lips. Or mix a couple of drops with your body lotion for an ultra-nourishing treat.

And hand cream is a must for every beauty regime. Not only does regular application keep hands soft, but helps to retain the skin’s elasticity and stay looking younger. Jessica’s range of nourishing yet easily absorbed hand creams include Body Treats (available in a range of fragrances), or the professional manicurist’s staple, Hand & Body Moisturising Emulsion.

And Jessica’s most popular hand creams and cuticle products are available in travel sizes too, for beautiful, healthy hands on the go.

For more expert advice or to experience a treatment at the hands of a professional, why not book a Jessica manicure? You can find your nearest Jessica stockist through our online Spa/Salon Finder.