Gerrard International

tool kit

Using the right tools makes all the difference.

Investing in a quality set of makeup brushes, that when cared for last a lifetime,  will also result in a smoother application of foundation, a more professional finish to blending eyeshadow and a more flattering effect when contouring cheekbones.

Similarly, the correct nail file will make shaping a breeze, and will prevent the damage that can be caused by harsher files.

And starting your pedicure with a professional grade foot file will have you well on your way to silky smooth feet with the minimum of effort.

Gerrard International’s professional tool kits have everything you need to add that expert touch to your manicures, pedicures and makeup routine. 

Favoured by spas, salons, beauty therapists, makeup artists and manicurists, Mii makeup brushes, The Natural Nail Company nail files and Jessica natural nail care accessories will help you deliver outstanding results.

For questions about the correct way to file, the right brush to use for your bronzer, or the best technique to file those feet, visit our 'Ask a Beauty Expert' in the Beauty Room and we’ll be happy to help.