Gerrard International


Step out with the smoothest of soles by perfectly prepping your feet with a pedicure tool kit. At Gerrard International you will find all of the beauty tools you’ll need to equip your pedicure tool collection for a long-lasting and smooth pedicure every time.

The key to any salon quality pedicure is smooth and soft skin, and you can effortlessly achieve this quality in your own home with our selection of pedicure tools. Dry and hard skin can be effortlessly removed by our range of files and hard skin removers.

Begin your pedicure with our Pedicure Foot File. This file is an essential beauty bag tool for smoothing your feet. Use on dry feet and apply firm, confident strokes to the skin in the direction of harder skin. Once you have softened the coarser side of your feet, finish by filling the smoother side.

Another essential beauty tool is our Ceramic Hard Skin Remover. This durable file is a long-lasting tool and effortlessly works to remove hard skin from the feet.

If your toenails are in need of some TLC, boost nail growth and restore strength with Jessica 2 Step Nail Programme. This nail cure is one of Jessica’s prescriptive base coats and slowly feeds the nails to bring them back to their former glory. Apply this system regularly to your toenails before applying your colour for gradually stronger nails.

Perfectly prep your feet with a pedicure tool kit from Gerrard International. Once you have chosen your pedicure tools, why not complete your pedicure with an invigorating exfoliation or moisturise your feet with our selection of pedicure products.