Gerrard International

top coats & finishing

You’ve prepped, primed and painted; now all you need is the perfect finishing touch.

Jessica’s professional top coats and finishing products can make all the difference – a high shine, longer lasting, faster drying manicure is just brushstrokes away.

Jessica Brilliance top coat is a manicure must have - just one coat over freshly painted polish delivers a high shine finish that protects your manicure, helping it to last even longer. This award winning top coat is a perfect holiday companion as it contains UV filters to protect polish from fading in the sun, and when reapplied every 2-3 days, it will keep your manicure looking ‘just painted’.

Top Priority is another of the Jessica manicurists’ favourites. Sealing polish in like a ceramic glaze, it helps your nail polish to last for up to two weeks. Make sure you run the brush over the tip of your nails for complete protection.

Or for those seeking to make a statement, you can easily create stunning effects with Jessica’s Top It Off range and the glittering Holographic Top Coat.

The final flourish for any impatient beauty fan is Jessica Quick Dry. A true wonder product, add one drop to each nail after applying top coat and in just 60 seconds, you’ll have touch dry nails.

To see the products in action, why not book a manicure with your local Jessica spa, salon or mobile therapist? You can find them using our online Spa/Salon Finder.